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What to do with your (New) Vintage Purchases

So you have just visited my sweet new Etsy digs and scored an awesome treasure; or you have been on the local hunt and found a thrift steal you couldn't pass up; what do you do next?

Once it arrives at your home (yay!), you pull it out and admire it. Then you notice that it may not be quite as fresh as you would like for something to become part of your home. What can you do?

Here are a few ideas to freshen up your new treasure(s):

  • Dampen a cloth with water and vinegar (add essential oil for extra punch) and gently wipe all hard or smooth surfaces thoroughly;

  • Lightly mist semi-porous to porous surfaces (like fabric or wood) with vinegar mixed with water (and essential oil if you like) after testing a small area to make sure it does not damage the item and wipe thoroughly with a soft cloth. Let the item dry thoroughly in a well-ventilated place;

  • Vacuum nooks and crannies of items like typewriters and baskets to get any lint or dust out of the hard to reach surfaces;

  • Wash new dishes in hot water or by hand, as the new piece calls for;

  • Wipe leather goods evenly with a very wrung out damp rag;

  • Wash any fabric items (old quilts, clothes, etc.) in one setting hotter than normal for the item the first wash only and then line dry (outside if possible);

  • Air out your vintage goodies in a protected outdoor area (like a covered porch) for as long as you can wait to bring them in - up to a week is great; and

  • Hose off any outdoor furniture or sturdy things with a strong blast of water and let dry thoroughly before you use it.

Then, enjoy your latest addition!

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