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How to Use Your Baskets

I love baskets. I think you do, too. They catch all of our things in an organized fashion and create a beautiful display.

I like to catch all the loose and broken crayons in one place with a basket, like this:

We toss our masks in a flat-backed basket on a peg by the front door so that we are more likely to remember them on the way out (more likely, I said):

The kids use baskets for play in every imaginable way, including as a carseat (what a stylish carseat, right?? Though perhaps not safety-rated...), for pretend picnics, market baskets, etc.;

We definitely use them for toy storage:

For dirty laundry catchers:

And for all the Odds & Ends.

Get your baskets here, and get organizing, carrying, and playing stylishly!



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