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An Earth-Loving Valentine's Day

This year, what if you celebrate Valentine's Day with a gift to your loved one that is eco-friendly and pre-loved?

Celebrate over a candlelit dinner with some brass candlesticks and some of your favorite beeswax tapers in a romantic red.

If your love's ears are pierced, give her a charming set of earrings to let her know you are over the moon for her.

Or give her these lovebirds to symbolize your love and catch her trinkets.

Tea for two is always a classic. Pick out a vintage tea kettle and a pair of cozy mugs, or grab a set of cups and a teapot to share a hot brew and some love.

If you're looking for a gift for your guy, a box for cuff links, a warm scarf, or a travel clock is a thoughtful gift.

Of course I would love it if you perused my shop for some ideas, but these examples are just to get your brain rolling on earth-friendly ideas. There are so many pre-loved shops out there who do the legwork for you and curate beautiful selections, go have a look!

Happy (early) Valentine's Day!



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