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Decorating with Natural Materials: Fall Edition

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

This will be more of a bullet point-type post, with suggestions about what you can do to incorporate some (generally free) nature into your fall decor. Enjoy!

All the Fall Things

In case you have not peeked at my post on the benefits of decorating with natural materials, check it out and discover how natural material decor is so much better for your health and for the environment.

Fall Leaves

Good Things about Natural Materials:

-very often free (go outside and take cuttings of greenery, pick up bunches of colorful fall leaves and dip them in beeswax to save them and string them up as bunting, gather pine cones and put them in a large bowl as a centerpiece)

-no off-gassing to worry about (no harmful chemicals brought into your home that you'll later breathe in... and get cancer... hyperbole, guys. But seriously, bringing things that off-gas into your home over a long period of time is scientifically proven to be bad for your health)

-sometimes edible (Pumpkins! Eat both the flesh and the seeds, add them to beer brews; apples! Eat them fresh, bake them, dry them, purée them for applesauce.)

-generally compostable when their lifespan ends (less to store til next year, no contributions to landfill)

Beeswax and pumpkin

Woodpiles and Pumpkins

Drawbacks of Decorating with Natural Materials:

-when they're not free, they can be rather pricey (my beautiful preserved boxwood wreath; but it's something that will keep for a veeeeeerrrrry long time)

-if they are fresh cuts or produce, they will eventually spoil and need to be composted (or thrown away if you are unable to compost)... pumpkins may self-seed and volunteer even years later (sometimes with odd, cross-pollinated varieties that do not make for good eating)

Ideas for Fall Decorating with Natural Materials:

-cut fall branches and fill vases and buckets for tables, the porch, front steps

Fall Bouquet

-grow your own pumpkins and gourds (you need to start this one early summer and have plenty of space to grow them) or go pumpkin picking or get them from the grocery

Woodstack and Pumpkin

-go apple picking and set your picks out in crates or ceramic or glass bowls in dining, kitchen, and entry spaces

Freshly picked apples displayed

Saving Apples for Later

Apples in a Crock

-gather colorful fall leaves and string them up in regular intervals on sturdy string for festive bunting

-make acorn garland: gather acorn caps (discard the actual acorns, they attract bugs), drill two holes in the caps, string sturdy string through the holes, and hot glue colorful poms, marbles, felted wool, or other round objects in the caps

-grapevine wreaths, make your own from wild grapes or buy from craft stores; you can add fall foliage to these very easily and interchangeably by simply tucking it through the vines

grapevine wreath

-string together marigolds for colorful fall bunting or garland

Marigolds Ready for Garland

-bonus: brew your own pumpkin beer to pop open, relax, and sip while enjoying your natural fall decor

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