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Saving Lotion

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Are you as tired as I am of tapping your not-quite-empty lotion bottle on the side of the sink to [unsuccessfully] try to use up the lotion dregs? Why aren't lotion bottles designed so that you can use all of the product inside? (The cynic in me say so that we'll spend more money.)

My dear friend (@elizabethannorourke) came up with a simple and genius solution for reaching those dregs, while simultaneously saving yourself frustration. Economy, for the win.

All you need are a few things you've already got around the house:

Saving Lotion Supplies

-your poorly engineered plastic lotion bottle(s)

-a pair of strong scissors

-a rubber spatula

-a pretty, shallow-bottomed glass container with an air-tight lid

Cutting Open Lotion

Just cut the bottom half of your lotion bottle off with the sturdy scissors, swipe the inside of the bottom of the bottle clean from lotion, and carefully smear that lotion into your lovely little shallow container.

Storing Salvaged Lotion

You now have the satisfaction of using up all of your product and of saving some money.

#DIY #beauty #conservation #conserve #lotion

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