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Top Fall Activity


I'm on an apple kick. It happens every year at this time, and the boy kindly indulges my apple cravings by taking Alice and me apple and pumpkin picking.

Apple Picking in the Orchard

This particular trip couldn't have been any more fall-like - the sky was in fine blue form, there was a crisp nip in the air, and the apples and pumpkins were ripe for the taking.

Pumpkin Patch

Here's another one of the beautiful Piedmonts of the Blue Ridge Mountains just because:

Fall Foliage, Piedmont of Blue Ridge Mountains


We typically pick two pecks of apples, which suits our modest needs of apples for eating, pie-making, and canning apple sauce.

2 Pecks of Apples

In case you choose not to gobble your apples up immediately (or you just have too many to do so), you can store them for up to 4 months in a cool, dry location (like the basement or garage).

Storing Apples

To store your apples, pick ones without any bruises, blemishes, or gashes, and wrap them in black and white newsprint to keep bacteria and fungus at bay. Store them in wooden apple crates, or if you don't have any, store them in some kind of open container that protects them from the floor.

Storing Apples in Newsprint

Enjoy the season!

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