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Homemade Christmas Wreath

Updated: Apr 18, 2020

Making a Christmas wreath is very simple and it adds a lot of charm to your Christmas decorating.

What you'll need:

-Old bare wire coat hanger (like the ones from the dry cleaner)

-2 Types of evergreen scraps (a sturdier variety and a whispier variety) from your Christmas tree or yard (or ask your neighbor if you can take some from theirs and offer to make them a wreath, too)

-Green floral wire

-Wire cutting pliers

-Garden gloves

Homemade Wreath Supplies

First, stretch the wire hanger out into a circle, leaving the hook at the top.

Then take your first piece of sturdier cut evergreen and fix it to the hanger with the floral wire by wrapping it around tightly at the base of the evergreen branch, and more loosely as you work your way around the wreath frame to avoid crunching the branch. Do not cut the floral wire.

Preparing Wreath Greens

Keep adding pieces of sturdy evergreen as you wrap (tightly at the base of each evergreen piece and then more loosely as you progress) until you make it completely around the circle. Cut the floral wire with a couple of extra inches to secure it to the wreath frame.

Making the Wreath

Once you've completed the circle, go back around the wreath with pieces of a softer evergreen like cypress, tucking them into the wreath to round it out.

Adding Greens

Finally, bend the hook at the top into a loop (or you can leave it as a hook and turn the hook to hang off of a fence or railing), through wich you can tie a bright ribbon or some yarn, and hang it over a window or door.

Looping Hanger Hook on Wreath

Merry Christmas!

Homemade Christmas Wreath

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