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For the Beauty of the Earth

Life Stages of a LadyBug in Pictures


Our Hallowed Little Garden in Photos:

Top 3 Reasons to Compost

1. It creates free fertlizer.


2. It reduces the burden on landfills.


3. It benefits overall air quality and reduces greenhouse gas emissions.

Ladybug Eggs
Volunteer Pumpkins
Red Raspberries
Fresh Spring Cuts
Sungold Tomatoes
Hops Galore
French Breakfast Radishes
Summer Fruit - Peaches
Annual Garden Rainbow
Tiny Dragon's Blood Carrot
Blueberry Beauties
Crop Rotation: Veggie Families
Fledgling Broccoli
Seeded Potatoes
Ripe Tomatoes & Herbs
Hybrid Tea Roses
Gardening Supplies
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