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Live Simply

The effort to adopt change toward simpler living should be one that you can maintain within your time and financial constraints. How you live should be easy and comfortable enough that you can sustain it.

Look below for a new eco habit to add to your repertoire, one every day, or even one every week.

Eco Habits to Try Out

  • Don't drive when you can walk or bike

  • Eat one more home-cooked meal per week

  • Eat one fewer meat meal per week

  • If you eat out (try to avoid takeout/delivery), bring your own containers to take home leftovers

  • Travel by train when you can

  • Unsubscribe from junk mail:,,

  • Grow houseplants; better yet, grow edible houseplants; grow perennial edibles in your garden beds

  • Make your own cookies, don't buy store-bought

  • Give soap nuts a try for laundry, instead of brand-named liquid, scented laundry detergent

  • Use cloth napkins (you can find so many of these at thrift stores)

  • Consider a bidet in lieu of toilet paper

  • Line dry clothes (particularly whites outside when you can)

  • Switch to a safety razor, instead of disposable bladed razors

  • Bring your own: reusable bags, takeaway containers, go cups, refillable bulk containers



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