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Hallowed Be Thine Inspiration



Some of the blogs and websites that I've found to be practical and beautiful words and pictures to live by:





Common Sense, for Those Lacking or Interested in Some Beyond Their Own

Well-researched topics, interesting opinions about practical ways to live a healthier lifestyle.

Science, Nature, Natural Explanation

Full of scientific explanation for God's creations and how amazing nature and natural design is. Basically everything in nature is way cooler than man-made alternatives. You know, aside from the internet.

Health, Personal Care, Natural Ingredients

This website is well-stocked with great, healthful recipes and tips for natural health using simple ingredients, and the beneficial reasons for doing so. Check out her pH Balanced Shampoo post.

Be A Responsible Traveler

Around one billion people travel somewhere each year. This means tourism is a way each traveler could have a GOOD impact, instead of a bad one. Look through this website for inspiration on how to be a responsible journeyman. There are even suggestions on how to prepare your home while you are away.

Low Tech, Home Tech

Jam-packed with useful information about how to really live in your home, with lots of DIY. There's a blog, podcast, and lots of great information to peruse.

Cleaning, Cleanliness, Recipes, Lifestyle, Organization

So many good cleaning recipes in one location. I've included this website for convenience for myself, so that I can easily find it for reference. Her daily shower spray recipe is perfect.

Travel Responsibly, Sustainably

Packed with travel information about countries all over the world, this website gives you good information about how to travel more responsibly to support the country you visit. Check out the "2 Min Travel Guides" tab for great quick info on a destination.

Urban Homestead, DIY, Sustainability, Off the Grid

This is an amazing family who puts all but the Amish to shame for their attempts to live sustainably. Check out this page for 10 ways they suggest to live a more sustainable lifestyle.

DIY, Projects, Learning

I'm having a lot of fun reading through this one. She's got all kinds of projects that she does and walks you through doing, both practical ones and fun ones.

Cooking with Allergies, Grace, Awareness

This is a blog is a chronicle of her often-times humorous adventures and adaptations as she has learned to deal with an adult-life-altering change with a positive attitude. In it, she records her cautious re-exploration into the world of food, particularly how an allergy has changed how she can eat in every situation.

Minimalism, Frugal, Happiness

This blog teaches a healthier lifestyle by showing you that by owning less stuff, you can save more money, time, and happiness.

Declutter, Green, Living Simply, Minimalism

This is a blog that is about living as a minimalist. It is full of ideas for decluttering and living simply.

Sustainability, Buy Less, Responsibility

This one's about living a more sustainable lifestyle by buying less. It's an active compilation of outsiders' ideas as edited by the original author, in addition to the original author's blog posts.

Budget, Family, Lifestyle, Healthy Living, Recipes, Food

This is a beautiful blog that demonstrates how to streamline your lifestyle - how to make a food budget, what you can make yourself instead of buying at the store (it's worth it for the reduced sodium in most cases), and why this is a better way to live. She changes things within her (and her family's) lifestyle if the homemade alternatives are effective, better tasting, and less toxic than the store-bought alternatives.

Eco-Friendly, Lifestyle, Feminine Health

This is definitely geared more towards women, and full of information that might otherwise not be discussed. Ladies, check it out. Gentlemen, I'd steer clear.

Green, Thrift, Blogging

This is a blog that is not about being green, per se, but their section on being thrifty is quite useful. The post about taxes for bloggers is a great one.

Green, Knowledge, Debunking Myths

This website is sponsored by Consumer Reports, and it seeks to provide factually correct information about "eco" terms and phrases, frequently debunking preconceptions. Their topics include food and sustainability, knowing your labels, useful buying guides, and health information for babies and children.

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