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INSIDE: Cleanliness

Daily (Modify this for your own personal needs)

  Every day, you should:

  1. make your bed, swish the toilet, and wipe the sink,

  2. run a full load of laundry

  3. put toys (or other things pulled out throughout the day) away,

  4. wipe the kitchen counters,

  5. do the dishes and shine the kitchen sink,

  6. put clothes away,

  7. check your calendar so nothing catches you unaware, and

  8. lay your clothes out for tomorrow.


  Every week, you should:

  1. change bed sheets,

  2. clean the bathrooms more deeply,

  3. clean out your bag/purse,

  4. cull/toss anything that is not useful or that does not bring you joy,

  5. meal plan and write grocery list,

  6. vacuum/beat all rugs,

  7. wash the floors,

  8. dust,

  9. (I like to) make healthy kid snacks from scratch, and

  10. empty the trash.


Every month, you should:

  1. clean out your car,

  2. unsubscribe to mailings (do so here) and emails



Below is a streamlined cleaning schedule, capturing the basics you should get to on a given day.

natural wool dusters
Natural Cleaning Tools




  • spray sink, shower/tub, and toilet with bahtroom spray and let sit

  • scrub toilet (don't flush yet)

  • spray mirror with all-purpose spray and wipe immediately

    • use black & white newsprint for a final wipe and a crisp shine

  • repeat steps in all bathrooms

  • using separate cloths, thoroughly wipe sink, shower/tub, and toilet

  • flush toilet


*Note: keep a small scrub brush in the shower to srub grout and a squeegee to wipe down walls after each shower






  • using your mop of choice, wash all floors with the mopping solution, including all tiled and hardwood floors

  • you can use any mop that works for you, but I made a Cuban mop that works very well for hard floors


*Note: I like using a spray bottle to spray out a small amount of the solution onto the floor and mopping with an otherwise dry mop cloth. It stays neater this way.





  • wipe down all surfaces (I use this natural wool Brattby duster from IKEA, shaking it outside periodically to release the dust I've collected); you can also use an old sock on your hand

  • don't forget forgettable surfaces like the tops of ceiling fan blades and the trim around doors

  • wipe down all kitchen cabinets using the all-purpose spray and a soft cloth


Tidied Entry





  • hit target spots first, like the entryway, kitchen counters, and any regular drop spots, doing a preliminary toss of recycling/trash

  • if you are normally good at keeping a generally clutter-free living space, take this day to clean out and organize one drawer, closet, or other space you normally neglect

  • for more inspiration, check out Marie Kondo's Spark Joy to declutter your spaces

  • alternatively, take William Morris' sage advice, and "have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful."





  • spot treat any stains on carpet with a paste of Borax and water (test for color-fastness first) and let dry

  • sweep all hard floors and vacuum all carpeted floors

laundry, clothing line





  • wash sheets and towels first, and on fine days, hang them outside on a line to dry

  • while those are washing, spot treat any stains on clothing not already treated (ideally you'd treat stains right away)

  • for laundry you are unable to line dry outside, use wool dryer balls to speed drying time in the dryer

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