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INSIDE: Cleaning Recipes

Collected here for your convenience are my favorite cleaning recipes that I regularly use. They are composed of natural ingredients that you can generally find in your grocery (otherwise I will link to Amazon or elsewhere for ease), and they are easier on your wallet to buy than the cleaners you buy in the store and generally grey-water-safe.

Keep these items in stock to easily whip up a batch of all purpose spray or scouring powder whenever you need it.

Cleaning Arsenal Checklist

Non-consumable Supplies:

  • Glass vinegar bottles

  • Salvaged tops from spray bottles

  • Glass jars with lids

  • Sturdy scrub brushes

  • Old rags

  • Ice cube trays

  • Wool dryer balls

  • Wool duster

  • Cuban mop

  • Broom, brush, and dust pan


Soap Nuts

Toss 5-7 in a small cloth bag with each load, refreshing the soap nuts after they crumble (after about every 4-5 loads)


Scouring Powder

1 cup salt

2 cups baking soda

1 tsp ground dry thyme leaves

15 drops thyme essential oil

Mix all ingredients together and scoop onto a damp rag to scrub non-porous surfaces (great for the ring around the tub).

Lemon Eucalyptus Dishwasher Tabs

Dish Tabs

1 1/4 cup washing soda

3/4 cup baking soda

1 1/2 cup anhydrous citric acid

1/2 cup sea salt

1/4 up to 1/3 cup vinegar (add as needed)

15 drops lemon eucalyptus oil

ice cube trays

Whisk dry ingredients, then essential oils, then vinegar til thoroughly mixed and clumpy.

Under-fill trays due to mushrooming up.

Let set for 24-48 hours. Pop out and use one per load of dishes.

Natural All purpose cleaner

All-Purpose cleaner

1/4 cup vinegar (either neat or steeped in citrus peels or herbs)

1 capful of Thieves Cleaner (optional)

water to fill

Mix all ingredients in an old glass vinegar bottle and attach a salvaged spray top. Give a gentle shake and use on everything.

Mopping Solution

Hardwood Mopping Solution

1/4 cup strong black tea

1/8 cup vinegar

1 TBS Castile soap

10 drops lemon eucalyptus oil

Brew strong black tea (2 teabags for a normal cup).

Let tea cool, add all ingredients and mix thoroughly.

You may get some clumping when you add the Castile soap, this is fine, just break it up and stir thoroughly.

Consumable Supplies:

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