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Saving Lotion
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Honeybees & Lavender
(Not) Bad Apples
Garden Tote
Sungold Tomatoes
Fall Plumage
Fall-Picked Apples
Fresh from the Oven
Red Raspberries

We live for the beauty of the earth. In our hallowed little home, we seek to consume less, savor more, and be mindful and appreciative of what we take from the earth. We try as much as is practical to use only natural ingredients in cleaning agents, to minimize energy consumption, to maintain the homesteading spirit of "do it yourself," to buy used items wherever possible, and to be generous with what we have, while also keeping an efficient and aesthetically beautiful home.


We treasure each season and tread lightly in nature, experimenting with different gardening techniques, and growing things to offset our carbon impact, to provide for our table, and to give back to nature and natural systems what has been taken from them elsewhere.


We are practical dreamers, living modestly and for the beauty of each hour.




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